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About Me

Hiya, I am Eleanor and I am 24 years old.

I have just been in Brazil for the last 11 months volunteering for the charity Youth With A Mission (YWAM), in a community centre.  I was working with girls mainly, who all came from the surrounding slum. To work in Brazil was a dream of mine - and it was an amazing time!

So I guess right now....I am someone who is starting a new chapter in their life, unknown at the moment, but I am all ok with that! I am a Christian and I am trusting in my Heavenly Father to continue to direct me the right way. So I am back living with my parents, and loving being an aunty to my new niece.

My favourite colours are green and purple
I love popcorn!
I love going on random road trips or adventures
I find going for a run very calming - and I tend to listen to disney music while I run!
I like doing creative things
I want to teach

Ok there was some random facts for you....
I plan to say more about my life, so this page will develop and I plan to get some photos of me when being a tiny baby, a fun child, a moody teenager to university student to now...