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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Things I like...

Recently I have had lots of time to relax and do different things and I have been visiting people that I met in Brazil but live in the UK. It has been a crazy busy time - but also really relaxing at the same time!

During this time I have done things I enjoy...hanging out with friends, playing games, making cards and being creative, seeing new things, hanging out with my niece. 

I found in the past that I hated the question - what do you do to relax, or things that you enjoy doing? I found it hard to answer - but it is such a simple question right!? 

I never really have a 'hobby' as such, or just one particular thing I really enjoy doing....but reflecting over the last 3 weeks I have done plenty of things I like to do! I am certainly going to try and continue them too...I am even going to try and learn some new things - but that will be a whole other blog post when I actually get round to starting them!! 

Here are some pictures of what I have been up to...

Rachel and I at Giants Causeway - real fun time. Got to do some road tripping too which I love! 

Creating things....I am going through a phase of wanting to do Origami and I am also scrap booking my time in Brazil - so lots of creativity in my life at the moment! I suppose under this section I would add that I am enjoying cooking - actually making meals or dishes from scratch, definitely going to be doing more of that in the future! 

Games! I love playing games....this is one of my favourites (it is called Ticket to Ride - and I completed said it was rubbish before I ever played this game...I just saw the trains and thought how could a game about building tracks be good!!) and I played it lots in Brazil - Thank you Ward family for introducing it to me. I got to play this game when I visited them too in my weeks of adventures :0) 

Looking after my niece Bella - I love it! I would say more but I am going to be doing a blog post on her soon as its her first birthday this Thursday!! 

I finish this post with a glad heart - a joy, feeling so blessed and thankful for my life. I have had a really awesome time finding joy, fun and love in my life. I hope this will encourage you to step out from the stresses (for me finding a job!) of your life, and connect with friends, family and do something that you enjoy...and if you don't know what you would find fun - try lots of new things!! 

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