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Saturday, 7 April 2012

The Middle Day...

Yesterday was Good Friday

The day Jesus was crucified on the cross

The day He asked God to forgive us all

The day He broke the separation between us and God

The day that we become clean and pure and sinless as Jesus became dirty and covered in our sins

The day when the world experienced genuine unconditional love.

Back 2000+ years ago when this happened the following day was the Sabbath - so nothing should be done, all work stopped.   I cannot imagine people's thoughts did though.

I have never really thought about this 'middle day' before. I think a lot about Good Friday, and I go through a mixture of emotions of guilt for my sin, and joy knowing I'm free and loved and forgiven. Then you have Easter - Sunday - the day Jesus rose from the dead just as He promised - pure Hope! Evil didn't win, God used Jesus' crucifixion to save the world to bring freedom and He won.

But what about the 'middle day'?!

What would of people thought today? Guilt - for killing Jesus, for being a close friend and betraying Him? Pleasure? Confusion? Excitement or doubt about if Jesus would really rise from the dead like He said? Grief? Numb? Scared? So many possible emotions.

What would I have thought that day if I was there?
It's hard to really know, as I know the end of the story - I know that Jesus has victory...
"He has risen from the dead"

I sit here Thankful, so thankful for Jesus and His obedience to God. I am sitting here thankful, but with a twinge of guilt for knowing that I do not always try my best, that I get it wrong, that I am not always trying to be as Christ-like as I should....and I feel that with that I ignore the Cross sometimes - not on purpose, but I forget what Jesus has done, and what that means for me. I don't give it the significance 'it' deserves. My life doesn't always reflect the work of the cross - I don't feel I live in the freedom of its love, forgiveness, power, freedom. (I hope this all makes sense to does it my head!)

So in this middle day I will remember and pray that everyday I will remember the amazing love that was shown for me on the cross through the horrific pain and death of Jesus. I will try and walk in the freedom that I have because of Jesus.

So many more thoughts...

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