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Friday, 10 February 2012


I don't know many people, if any, that look at the word discipline and think majorly happy thoughts.

This is not my favourite word...but something I really want to achieve in my life.

I want a more disciplined life.
Writing that sentence and then re-reading it, my first thought was 'that sounds boring'. Please don't get me wrong I do not want a boring life, and I don't think a disciplined one has to be. I am hoping that by being more disciplined in certain areas of my life....I will find more freedom and more time to live fully.

I feel over the last year God has been teaching me to be disciplined and trusted in the I can grow and become disciplined and trusted in the bigger things. It reminds me of the passage in the Bible in the book of Matthew were Jesus shares the parable of when a master gives his slaves three different amounts and basically returns to see what they have done with it....
What had they done with what they were entrusted with?

Well for me my health is a big thing....I have struggled with my health a lot, and it leads me to thinking about how God tells us that Jesus dwells within us and we are a Temple (1 Corinthians 6:19-20).
God has blessed me with this body....what am I doing to look after it? (so it goes back to the first passage I following my thinking?!)

So....back to my original point....discipline!

I want to be more disciplined with what God has given me...God has given me this body - what am I doing to look after it?! God has given me gifts and talents - How am I using them?

Well I was kicked up the butt majorly when I went to the opticians two weeks ago and asked if I had been wearing my glasses...I had not....well the consequence: having to get a new stronger prescription! That is not looking after my eyes - I have been blessed with the ability to see and I abused it.
Discipline One: Wear my glasses when I should.

I have never been the slimmest person....and well being over weight is not healthy - it doesn't honour God. I want to be in the best shape I can be, so I can do what He wants me to do.
Discipline Two: Eat healthy and exercise more

I have a lack of B12 in my system, which means I get tired I have learnt that I sometimes need to say no to things, and make sure I have enough sleep, but I also should take supplements to help.
Discipline Three: Take B12 tablets and not burn the candle at both ends.

As a Christian I am always wanting to build my relationship with Jesus, to grow closer to Him, to learn more about Him and grow my Christ-like everyday, but that takes time, and taking time out of my life to worship Him, read my Bible, and spend time with Him.
Discipline Four: Take more time out to spend with Jesus, daily.

Ok....there are probably a million more things I should be disciplined with - but here are four that stick in my head. (I have a fifth one - but that will be temporary as it is about job hunting/application form filling....which I will do once I have finished this post!)

This post has been hard to write - its hard I think to be honest in areas were we fail or not as good as. I am hoping that being honest about it, and telling the world that it will encourage me to be more disciplined, knowing that it is a good thing, and it might not be easy and will be a struggle some days (especially to go running in this freezing weather!!)...but I want to do this.

I want to be a more disciplined person in my life...I don't want to live my life with a body that is never at its best, or procrastinating about doing things on my list of jobs, or wasting time instead of spending it with Jesus, or not using the gifts I have been given.

I will not waste the gift of life I have been entrusted with.

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