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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

My Bucket List

Have you seen the movie 'The Bucket List'?

It is about how these two men are going to die and they write a list of the things they want to experience, see, achieve...well before they 'kick the bucket'...die.

I have never written one...but I have heard myself often say...I want to do this or that before I die.

I have spent the day looking at jobs, and I was about to get into bed and my head just became full of the realisation of where my life will go next, what will I achieve, what new things will I experience, what things will I learn - I have so many potential options for myself, I have so many desires, dreams and passions.

In one hand I want to settle down and get a 'normal' (mine will not be a 9-5 and it is most likely with young people so it certainly wont be dull!) job but in the other I want to go out into the world and hang out with street children and reflect the love of God to them while playing Uno!

I don't know how long I will live...sounds morbid right!? But its a reality to us all, and well however cheesy this sounds...I want my life to count, I don't want to waste it, I want to live my dreams.

So I have decided to write down some of the 'things' I would like to do in my life...

1. Hold a monkey
2. Do more teaching
3. Build a well in Africa
4. See/visit ALL the continents of the world, yes all seven!
5. Go to an ice hotel
6. Return to Brazil
7. Help someone reach their full potential in life
8. Get married and be a good wife
9. Be healthier and slim
10. Have my own children
11. Throw a dinner party
12. Run a marathon
13. See a miracle
14. Adopt a child
15. Learn to live in confidence of who I am in Christ
16. Have my own home and decorate it
17. Be fluent in a second language
18. See the 'natural wonders' of the world and marvel at the Creators creation
19. Read the Bible cover to cover (and understand it more!)
20. Ride an elephant and camel
21. Lead someone to know Jesus as their Saviour
22. Sleep under the stars for a night
23. Continue to study in some shape or form

A list of some quite random things...A few times I nearly wrote things that are my dreams, but I had already done them - which is really exciting!! I am sure my list will grow (since writing this I have added three more already!!) I finish this post with excitement for the future!

What is on your 'bucket list'??

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